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HealthyDNA – all about ethical sustainable lifestyle

Our mission is to grow awareness, provide the right tools for people to become conscious of their choices and let them enjoy living with conscience and empathy towards others- the environment, the nature and themselves.

We want to promote healthy choices so that each of us can enjoy the life to its fullest. Health can’t be bought and it is the best investment we can make. Nurturing our body and mind should be a natural and obvious part of our life.

In the meantime, we strive to open people’s eyes to the current issues the world is facing and provide solutions how every individual can make an impact in their daily routines. The movement consists of individuals and their choices. It all starts with one person truly believing in the right choices and bringing others on board. That’s the essence of HealthyDNA: For conscious development.

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Mainstream lifestyle does not help us be healthy and live simple. Constant rush, long working hours and stress. Our projects and work evolves just around it- to provide useful advice and examples on how to nurture yourself so that the body feels good and grateful!


Our bodies were made to move and be fit. Unfortunately, our sedentary lifestyle is on the totally opposite side. We want to bring movement and physical activity again back to our routines. We don’t need to be sport professionals, but being fit will help us live longer without any issues on the way!


We say no to hypocrisy. We act according to our values without hurting others, the environment, or animals. We believe our planet or animals should not suffer because of our choices. We promote attitude which focus is to reduce our negative impact on the surrounding. Therefore, we use only natural and vegan products/ components in our services:)


Livestock impacts the environment 60% more than all transportation in the world.
Animal farming Is the primary cause of the ozone hole. Every day we use so many chemical components in our lives, which can be easily avoided or reduced.

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