Our Philosophy

HealthyDNA is not only a diet nor a food choice. It is a lifestyle and values that come with it. Our organization does not only educate about food and nutrition but also provides knowledge about health, environment and the philosophy behind the movement. We strive to remain practical, scientific and respectful for other choices.

Our mission is to grow awareness, provide the right tools for people to become conscious of their choices and to let them enjoy living with conscience and empathy towards others – the environment, the nature and themselves.
We strive to open people’s eyes to the current issues the world is facing and provide solutions how every individual can make an impact in their daily routines. The movement consists of individuals and their choices. It all starts with one person truly believing in the right choices and bringing others on board.
Our core activities evolve around the following concepts:
– Healthy nutrition
– Healthy lifestyle
– Conscious choices
– Physical and mental wellness
– Ecology and sustainability
– Empathy and compassion
That’s the essence of HealthyDNA: For conscious development.

Meet the team

Our common denominator is passion and the true belief in what we are doing with can-do mentality. It is all about looking at each person as an individual, understanding each other’s needs in order to provide a fully tailor-made service.

Valentina Tesi

Co-Founder and Art Director

Creative eco-designer in solving problems oriented.
I believe that design has the chance to re-define our society and drive it in a more eco-friendly direction.
If you have ideas that you’ll like to share with us, i’m the right person to contact.

Margaret Huzarska

Co-Founder/ Partnerships and Product Development

A solution oriented with a hands-on, can-do attitude. Loving to cook and get things done! It’s me to contact for partnership deals and product feedback!

Get to know us!

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Our invaluable contributors

Words can’t describe how much they help and support us. And not only that- they also believe in our mission so they are our perfect ambassadors:) Great kudos to them!

Tess Jungblut


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Michael Frearson


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You? :)


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