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Where are we heading for?

We are getting further away from the nature every single day. Children when asked “where is the milk from?”, reply “from the supermarket”. Fast paced lifestyle focused on consumption, ready-made solutions made us disabled from reflecting how our decisions and the way we live impact the environment. After throwing another plastic bag to the garbage, we never think of the next steps after we dispose of it. For us, the problem is solved because it is no longer our responsibility. Well, it kinda is… Carbon footprint is bloating drastically and we need to get back conscience to our lives.

This section will provide you with information and tips on how to be more conscious in what environment we live, how to be less susceptible towards the paradigm that forces you to constantly buy and consume, how to live a more sustainable life free from cruelty, free from carbon footprint (or at least reduced one) and of course- affordable! Many our tips include reducing chemicals in our household- which makes your home more environment friendly and also friendlier to your skin and your flatmates.