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Your support helps us create better campaigns and projects!

HealthyDNA is led by dedicated people who channel their energy to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle. We are constantly campaigning to raise awareness about the link between the climate crisis and our appetite/diets!!!
No one can make a change without the support of others. We are striving to create a movement of engaged members who will mobilise themselves and others. Collective action with all the tools available has never been so powerful and impactful! But of course, we can’t do it all without extra pair of hands or financial support. Day has only 24 hours ๐Ÿ˜‰
We’ve got big plans โ€” but we need your help to make them happen.

You can contribute to HealthyDNA mission in many ways. Therefore, we are always looking for volunteers who can help us with organising events, working on our products and projects or expanding our social media exposure.

You don’t have time to volunteer for us but would like to contribute anyways? Make a donation and we will make sure the money will go to a meaningful purpose and will definitely smoothen our operational challenges :-)

Are you based in the Netherlands? Make sure you attend some of our events and/or help us spread the word and awareness.

Last but not least, like us on Facebook and other channels and invite your friends to be part of the HealthyDNA movement! Remember- you ARE the change!