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Because cooking should never be tiring, boring nor complicated.

The intention of the book is to give you inspiration how to cook simple, nutritious and not too long! We don’t assume that you are a chef nor that you love to spend hours in the kitchen (although big respect for those that do, keep it up! :) ).
We would like to offer you this cookbook, which will uncover your cooking potential and talent! We have chosen recipes that are easy, quick and impressive in the looks. Throwing a party and you don’t know what to serve? No worries, we also have given you some suggestions under “Party snacks” category. The book consists of dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and party snacks. We strove to give you the variety of dishes from different type of cuisine, yet without any problem of getting the ingredients you need. Oh yes- one more thing- we believe that ingredient list should never be too long. Reading a never ending recipe is a no-go 😉 Lastly, we also cover some interesting facts about the ingredients, its nutritional value and much more. Purchase an e-copy or purchase the hard copy by contacting us!
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