Cooking workshops

We go the extra mile!

Interested in cooking without animal products? Want to know how to replace eggs or milk?
Or are simply passionate about different ways of cooking and want to get some inspirations?

What’s in it for me?

We go way beyond cooking. While we will show you how to prepare some delicious dishes that are simple and affordable, we will also give you some tips regarding reducing sugar& salt intake, how to read labels, which flours to use for which purposes and many more! Don’t worry, we will not preach nor give lectures. We simply want to give you as much as useful info as possible! And of course- in an entertaining way!

Besides, each participant will be provided with the recipes, handouts with information covered in the workshop and other surprise gifts!

Stay tuned and register by contacting us if you want to participate in one of our workshops. Each workshop has a theme varying from type of cuisine or type of dishes. One event could be exploring the exotics of spicy Thai cuisine and the other one would be definitely for sweet teeth! :) We are sure you will find something that caters for your needs and interests. See you there!

For past and upcoming events check out our Meetup Group or Fan Page !

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I attended one of the cooking workshops from HealthyDNA. It was a great experience, full of fun, useful info and meeting new people! In the end, we brought the delicious leftovers home so I could share my creations with my flatmates. I’m looking forward to a new one!