Teambuilding cooking workshops

Great team building!

Man Slicing Vegetables on Wooden Cutting Board.

Interested in spending fun and insightful evening with your colleagues? Want to cook with them and then enjoy a team dinner outing? You are in the right place.

What can you expect?

You and your team will learn and enjoy tasty recipes which are easy to make, fully plant-based and loaded with good nutrients! Menu varies per season and per group requirements (if applicable). It usually consists of 4-5 dishes which are all done by the participants.

– Learning trips and tricks how to incorporate healthy food habits
– Great team building
– Lots of fun while cooking and experimenting with fellow colleagues
– At the end- great dinner altogether
– Possibility to purchase a HealthyDNA cookbook for a promotional price

Interested? Questions? Call us to book a session for your team!

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Super cool experience! Even for me that i’m not vegan it has been very interesting to experiment new receipts and a different philosophy of food.
Margaret and Valentina were excellent hosts, very knowledgeable and energizing. I enjoyed finding out how easy it is to make dips and sauces that I would normally buy in a jar!
Cooking workshop with Maggie and Valentina is a great introduction to plant-based food preparation – with their help and guidance you can rediscover cooking using soya, chickpeas and other protein full ingredients!